Art has always interested me. My Grandfather and Uncle introduced me to the world of art through their love of painting. Drawing and sketching have been a part of my life since childhood but my development as an artist began years later. Watercolour was my first medium and I now also paint in acrylic and pastel. My style ranges from representational to impressionist and abstract works of art.

The mingling of colours spurs my imagination for texture and depth which I then interpret into exquisite artwork. I enjoy experimenting with techniques and subject matter. I combine reference photos with my imagination and after stimulating planning and sketching create a sensation on paper or canvas.

Artist Statement:

I possess a desire to capture my inner awareness and express it in a visual form through the flow of paint. My paintings are planned through sketches and extensive thought but once brush hits the medium, I start listening to the paint as it draws my creativity. My hope is to pull emotions from the viewer and hold their thoughts while they reflect on my artwork.